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New generation of candidates saddled with student debt — and not afraid to talk about...

Andrew Janz has raised millions of dollars for his campaign as a Democrat running for Congress in the Central Valley. But the 34-year-old is used to big numbers: After working his way through undergraduate, graduate and law school, he owes about $300,000 in student debt — more than his mortgage.

Janz is part of a groundswell of younger politicians who are on the front lines of America’s student debt crisis. Seven congressional candidates running in California this year owe at least $10,000, according to a Bay Area News Group analysis of financial disclosures filed with the House ethics office. In addition, seven members of the state’s congressional delegation, all of whom were elected within the last six years, are still paying off thousands of dollars in student loans. Three others reported being in debt for their kids’ education.

That means roughly one out of every six Californians on the ballot for Congress in November owe student debt — together, they’re more than $1.1 million in the red.

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Congress Must Tell Trump The White House Cannot Be Bought

Our White House is not for sale, and it’s about time that Congress takes a meaningful stand to ensure that. No U.S. president should be enriched by foreign sources—presidents should hold themselves to a higher standard, and if they won’t, it’s our job to do it for them.

That’s why this week I introduced the Prevent Corrupting Foreign Influence Act, which would make it a criminal offense for the President, the Vice President, their families, or companies in which they have at least half-ownership to accept or receive anything of value from a foreign power or from any company that is more than 50 percent controlled by a foreign power.

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About Eric Swalwell

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As co-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, he helps set the caucus’ policy agenda and oversees committee assignments. As founder and chairman of Future Forum, he is House Democrats’ point man on outreach to millennials – the nation’s biggest, most diverse and best-educated generation. And as Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee’s CIA Subcommittee and a Judiciary Committee member, he’s playing key roles in keeping our nation and its elections safe.

In all these roles, Eric Swalwell fights for Americans’ Freedom to Dream: the ability to reach for and attain better lives for themselves and their families.

Eric, 37, represents California’s 15th Congressional District, including much of the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. Raised in Dublin, California, he’s the son of a retired police officer and a still-working mother; the oldest of four siblings; and – with a Division 1 soccer scholarship – the first in his family to attend college. His Capitol Hill internship coincided with the Sept.... Read more

The Facts

  • Worked seven years as Alameda County prosecutor

  • Served on Dublin City Council (2010-2012)

  • Elected to Congress in 2012 - youngest member of the California delegation

  • Ranking member of House subcommittee on the CIA

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