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Rep. Swalwell discusses Trump's newest Executive Order on family separation and the threat of indefinitely detaining families on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

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Reporting Foreign Meddling in Elections Shouldn’t Be Optional

Over the past year, I’ve spent hours listening to witnesses talk about the events of the 2016 campaign. The House Intelligence Committee, on which I sit, has been investigating Russian interference in the election. Multiple members of Donald Trump’s campaign, businesses, and family, I’ve learned, were contacted by individuals linked to the Russian government—but none of them, so far as we know, reported these contacts to law-enforcement agencies.

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Congressman makes case to outlaw assault weapons

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Dublin, expected severe blowback from the gun lobby when he began to talk openly about banning possession of assault weapons. But who could have imagined that it would extend to a Facebook post celebrating his son’s first birthday?

“Look at this,” Swalwell said, pulling out his cell phone to scroll through the 230 comments on the post from earlier this month. Among the heart emoji and exclamations of “adorable!” and “congratulations!” were caustic calls for Swalwell to leave the country — or others that were more explicit and vile.

It’s a good thing Nelson is too young to read.

“They have focused their fire on every post I make,” Swalwell said. “They just light you up.”

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About Eric Swalwell

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As co-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, he helps set the caucus’ policy agenda and oversees committee assignments. As founder and chairman of Future Forum, he is House Democrats’ point man on outreach to millennials – the nation’s biggest, most diverse and best-educated generation. And as Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee’s CIA Subcommittee and a Judiciary Committee member, he’s playing key roles in keeping our nation and its elections safe.

In all these roles, Eric Swalwell fights for Americans’ Freedom to Dream: the ability to reach for and attain better lives for themselves and their families.

Eric, 37, represents California’s 15th Congressional District, including much of the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. Raised in Dublin, California, he’s the son of a retired police officer and a still-working mother; the oldest of four siblings; and – with a Division 1 soccer scholarship – the first in his family to attend college. His Capitol Hill internship coincided with the Sept.... Read more

The Facts

  • Worked seven years as Alameda County prosecutor

  • Served on Dublin City Council (2010-2012)

  • Elected to Congress in 2012 - youngest member of the California delegation

  • Ranking member of House subcommittee on the CIA

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