$1 Million Grant Will Pay For 8 New Sheriff's Deputies


More than 1,100 law enforcement agencies applied for the grants. Just 179 were awarded.

ALAMEDA, CA — Alameda County has been awarded a highly coveted $1 million grant to increase staffing at the Sheriff's Office, Rep. Eric Swalwell announced last month. The money will be used to hire eight new deputies. Four will be in the Transit Crime Unit, and four in the Crime Prevention Unit.

Swalwell posted on social media that he, Rep. Barbara Lee, and Rep. Ro Khanna all wrote to the Justice Department to support the COPS Hiring Program grant. "The ACSO is putting forward innovative strategies for its deputies to engage with the communities and build trust with citizens in our congressional districts," we wrote.

He reports that more than 1,100 law enforcement agencies applied for the grants, while the $98.5 million was awarded to just 179 applicants.

Some constituents were quick to express their appreciation. Lisa Waters McDonald wrote, "Thanks Eric! We have had so many break-in's, car thefts and car burglaries in the past few months, we really need more patrol here in Unincorporated Alameda County, thanks again!"

However, supporters of Sanctuary Cities want the county to refuse the money cause the sheriff's office cooperates with ICE to hand over undocumented immigrants.

Bea Karnes, Patch Staff

Article: Patch.com