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Student Debt is a National Crisis

Rep. Eric Swalwell Needs Your Support to Fix It

Most members of Congress are too old to comprehend the extent of the student loan crisis — but Rep. Eric Swalwell knows the burden of student debt firsthand and is fighting for reform in Washington.

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“Starting families later, not being able to buy a home, not starting a business, it’s all kind of the same reason: less money at the end of every month to do it because so much of it’s going out the door to student loan payments.”

- Rep. Eric Swalwell


Rep. Swalwell doesn’t just talk.
He’s following it up in Washington.


  • Rep. Swalwell and Rep. Scott Peters, 57, (D-San Diego) have introduced legislation to let public and private colleges and universities compete for Small Business Administration grants to build business incubators on campus so students can get practical experience running a business.
  • Another bill would double the amount of student loan interest people can claim on their taxes from $2,500 to $5,000, and remove the cap on how much they can earn to qualify.
  • Other legislation would increase Pell grant awards, allow student loans to be refinanced like mortgages or fund colleges based on tuition rates.

“...Student loan debt seems to be the one [thing] that no matter where you go, that is holding a generation back.”
– LA Times

"They like the fact that we can relate to them," he said. "I have student loan debt… Eric Swalwell has student loan debt that’s never going to go away, so they like the fact that we’re approachable, we’re there to listen.”
– LA Times

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