We must strongly and unequivocally serve those who served us.  We owe our troops more than words of appreciation; we owe them real actions to provide meaningful support. I will always support legislation that helps our returning service members and their families receive the care and support they have earned.

Last year my office assisted more than 200 veterans, helping secure more than $700,000 in back benefits. 

Veteran's Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act 

This bill, which was signed into law, increases transparency regarding the VA’s medical care system and allows veterans to seek private health care under certain circumstances such as long wait times or distance from a VA Medical Center.

Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act 

This bill would provide states with funds to streamline the process by which veterans that were trained and worked as EMTs in the military could receive certification and licenses to serve as EMTs once they return to their home states.

H.R. 164 

I cosponsored this bill, which would allow for veterans who have a service-connected, permanent disability rated as “total” to utilize no-cost, space-available travel on Department of Defense aircraft via the Space-A travel program.

Helping Heroes Fly Act 

Adds protections to improve the experience for severely wounded veterans when they go through airport screening.

Pay as You Rate Act 

This bill would require the VA to pay a veteran his or her disability compensation benefits as each element of a claim is reviewed rather than making them wait until the entire claim has been processed.

In Congress I’ve supported:

  • Upgrading the Veterans Affairs benefits system to end the health claims backlog

  • Maintaining service members’ benefits

  • Providing incentives to hire veterans